Travel report New York – Hotel Beacon NYC

Manhattan doesn’t die beyond Midtown. It’s even more accessible and inviting.

When you walk from Columbus Circle only a km up along Broadway you reach Hotel Beacon, between 74-75 Street. On your way there you pass Empire Hotel with the hottest Roof Top Bar of New York, Gap, Century21 and Urban Outfitters. All the way and long beyond there are shops, restaurants, shops and restaurants again. It never ends.

Aside of Hotel Beacon is Beacon Theatre and Beacon Bar, the latter modern, small, full of bubbling guests having a starter before a show. In this bar I got engaged with my wife-to-be over a Jim Beam Manhattan and a Long Island Tea. Across the road is the 24 h open Fairway Market where we bought the good-to-have for the fridge in the suite.

500 m to the west is Hudson River. In the east Central Park. The park that bristle with cyclists and joggers early dawn. Along the streets to the park cars are parked with jumper protectors since in theese blocks people are actually living. Families eating in the same restaurants, shopping in the same markets and shops as we are and who are having their children playing in the playgrounds and basket courts fenced and locked at night. Which is not at all tragical, it’s good. Locking parks in the evening keep them clean and intact. I would prefer that in Sweden also. New York is surprisingly clean and in good order.

Close to Hotel Beacon you can find Magnolia Bakery, Barnes & Noble, the Swedish Fika, a lovely shoe mall and clothing stores, small and bigger ones, as well as the hyped 5 Napkin Burger. Our favorite breakfast place was West Side in the 68 street and our last night dinner we had in the lovely Luce, Broadway.

You can easily walk across the Central Park to follow it on the easter side to Midtown and turn back through Columbus Circle. Or take a walk starting on Broadway/Madison to Macy’s, Empire State Building, Times Square and Madison Square Garden. Or along Hudson River to pier 84 where you take the roundtrip boat to southern Manhattan. And maybe jump off in Brooklyn or Battery Park. Otherwise easily take the train from 72 Street. We went to Brooklyn one day and to West Village another, by train. With our stroller and baby.

The web site of Hotel Beacon NYC doesn’t promise too much. Neither does the pictures of the rooms. It’s unusual that real life beats the hotel description of the accomodation. We stayed in a two bedroom suite with a baby crib in the master bedroom. The citchen part of the suite offered a stove, fridge, freezer, microwave and a coffee machine. When the coffee sockets where out wh could ask for more and they where delivered in a minute. At the table we had a high chair for the baby,

The reception and concierge were helpful and personal. Mr Chang knew my name from our mail conversations before our holiday.

Three stars and a humle web site. It’s not surprising that Hotel Beacon NYC excel most of their guests expectations. Or how about:

Ranking 26 out of 464 NY hotels on Tripadvisor.

Credentials on 8.9 out of 10.

4.6 out of 5 average credentials on where 98% of all guests recommend the hotel.

Trivago 4.6 out of 5. 4.6 out of 5.

Don’t think you have to stay Midtown close to where the action is. Action is anywhere. Stay outside Midtown and take a visit there instead. We recommend any family with children to choose Hotel Beacon NYC. Or any visitor at all, with or without children.

Greetings from Västerås, Sweden.

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